To celebrate The 350th Anniversary of the New Sweden Colony in North America, following Message was delivered.

  Woodcarving by LARS GILLIS (detail)

 MESSAGE to the Mayor of Wilmington from the Mayor of Gothenburg.

During the fall of 1637 the Ships KALMAR NYCKEL and FOGEL GRIP sailed from Gothenburg. In the spring of 1638 the expedition sailed up the Delaware River and disembarked on the place where the city of Wilmington now stands. There the Swedes founded FORT KRISTINA, cleared land and developed trade with the inhabitants of this unexplored land.

The Swedes that kultivated the land where used to life in the wilderness and where successful pioneers in the new world. They introdused their method of housing, the log cabin, to America and helped countless later immigrants from the old world. These Swedes left their mark on the history of North America.

 The city of Gothenburg has commemorated the 350th anniversary of the departure of the ships KALMAR NYCKEL and FOGEL GRIP from Gothenburg, and wishes with this proclamation also to commemorate the ties of frienship between our two cities.

On behalf of the city of Gothenburg

Jörgen Linder
Lord Mayor



The Ship Kalmar Nyckel salute Elfborg Castle under her departure from Gothenburg, nov. 1637

Hard storm at North Sea forced the Kalmar Nyckel and Fogel Grip to reparations in Holland

The ships arrived to Delaware the second half of March 1638

The swedish farmers "drift Finns" cultivated the wilderness and builded the first log cabins in North America

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